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Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement on Obama Speech Cancelling Egypt Bright Star Drills

Brotherhood spokesman Aref affirms the US was involved in July 3 coup and is now trying a different role in Egypt.

Egypt is not Iran: Why the revolution won’t turn Egypt into an Islamist state

There is a palpable fear in the West that the ousting of Hosni Mubarak will undermine regional stability and usher in a governing coalition that has Islamist tendencies.

Egyptian Uprising overthrows its Zionist Master

At the start of the Egyptian uprising western public opinion responded positively to the mostly young, middle class, people who took to the streets demanding greater political freedoms which many

Is President Obama Weak in the Eyes of Arab Leaders?

Neoconservatives are likely to be wrong on any number of issues. But there is one critique of theirs that, somewhat to my dismay, has struck me as more compelling than

Obama’s Expanding War In Pakistan: Key to U.S. Withdrawal From Afghanistan

President Obama took office vowing to strike al-Queda forces inside Pakistan if President Zardari’s government failed to ferret out the nations’ terrorists networks.

Reaping what you sow: how US policies breed terror

Paul J. Balles argues that rather than blame the reactions of "extremists" on Islam, Americans ought to look at their own unjust and murderous policies in the Middle East and

America’s homeland insecurity

One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

The arrogance of American power

Paul J. Balles argues that the continued presence of 1,000 American military bases outside the USA nearly two decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union is a symptom of

House Rejects Afghan Withdrawl, 356-65

In 2001, the US Congress never declared war on Afghanistan. But this week and almost nine years on, only sixty-five members voted to withdraw American troops from that undeclared war,

How to Fight Rather than Feed the Beast

Many recent terrorism cases have not resulted from a top down process of recruitment and radicalization initiated by al-Qaeda and its affiliates or radical preachers but rather from a bottom