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Ed Husain – “U.S. shouldn’t have killed al-Awlaki” –

Ed Husain says that Anwar al-Awlaki, shown here in 2010, is now an American Muslim martyr. Editor's note: Ed Husain is a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations

Critics question Obama’s authenticity in call for democracy

An article posted in the Washington post by Fred Hiatt discusses the US commitment to prioritise its call for democracy worldwide.

OIC calls for action on Islamophobia

Misunderstanding of minority groups can ‘pit one part of humanity against the other’JEDDAH: The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has called for joint action by Muslims and the international

Harvard Students Protest Martin Peretz

Scores of students at Harvard University held a protest Saturday condemning the school’s decision to honor Martin Peretz.

Message to Muslims: I’m Sorry

Many Americans have suggested that more moderate Muslims should stand up to extremists, speak out for tolerance, and apologize for sins committed by their brethren.

Martin Peretz: editor of New Republic and agent of Israel

Martin Peretz is editor-in-chief of the New Republic. He acquired that position by simply buying the magazine in 1974.

Martin Peretz: His racist bigotry is nothing new

Long hovering around 100,000 subscribers, The New Republic’s circulation dropped in the aftermath of September 11 and the run-up to the Iraq War. Its average paid circulation for 2007 was

Center for Security Policy’s Sharia Report a Threat to USA Ethics?

The 177 page report which is titled Sharia: The Threat to America by the Centre for Security Policy has been unsurprisingly backed by a group who has called themselves Team

Protest Over Honoree’s Remarks about Muslims

A recent article posted by Editor Martin Peretz in The New Republic in response to a poll taken on a proposed Muslim community centre near ground zero has received angry

New Pew Forum Report offers an In-Depth Profiles of Muslim Networks and Movements in Western

The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has released a new report on "Muslim Networks and Movements in Western Europe," profiling several of the oldest, largest and most influential