American Occupation


Bush blames Mubarak for war decision

Former US President Bush's book Decision Points, which reveals and highlights mistakes made by him during the Iraq war campaign alleges that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak had informed Bush that

Secretary General in Iraq calls for release of innocent men

Dr. Ossama Al-Tikriti Secretary General of the Islamic Party in Iraq called on the Prime Minister and the Supreme Judicial Council to endorse the release of the innocent prisoners with

US helicopter killings in Iraq must be independently investigated

Amnesty International has called for an independent, thorough and impartial investigation into the 12 July 2007 helicopter attacks portrayed in a leaked classified US military video in which up to

Elections Don’t Justify Iraq War

I do admire the courage of Iraqi voters. And the situation in Iraq is more secure than at any time in the last few years. But none of this even

Sunnis vote to retain voice in Iraq

The turnout delivered Sunnis their most articulated voice yet on the national stage, seven years after the American-led invasion ended their dominance.

MB MPs excellent performance in the Egyptian Parliament

The extent of use of the parliamentary monitoring methods such as inquiries, interrogations, submitting of questions and proposes of draft laws.

War, More War Or Morer War

The headline ran in The New York Times a month ago, on November 7th: "All Afghan War Options by Obama Aides Said to Call for More Troops." According to White

Explaining the Drop in Iraqi War Dead

Bush’s 'surge' increased the Iraqi violence in late spring 2007, including a spike in US casualties, and that only a political-military decision to pull back from offensive operations that summer

Fort Hood & the Perversion of Language: “The Shooter Was a Soldier”

“… now this may sound convoluted, but not if one tracks the cultural response of hostility from every passionate point of view when a leadership itself is so prone to