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President Morsi Expresses Sincere and Profound Concern for Sandy Afflicted States, Egyptians

Following the tragic developments of superstorm Sandy in the USA’s Northeast, Egypt President Morsi sends a message of condolence to the American people including Egyptians who reside in the affected

US Politicians Continue to Appease Pro-Israel Lobby, Misjudge the Brotherhood

Granger and Lowey are not the only American politicians who voice skepticism – or even a degree of animosity – towards Egypt after the fall of Mubarak.

Grains of sand: perspectives on roles of Israel and USA in Middle East

Paul J. Balles highlights six writers whose work in the alternative media has brought important perspectives to one major issue: Israel and the role of America in the Middle East.

Spotlight on the Americas

Lawrence Davidson considers why so many US officials, some ostensibly intelligent, end up blatantly lying or blindly following murderous orders without question, and why the general public seems to accept

NYC community board head wants interfaith center (AP)

The chairwoman of the community board that voted for an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero said she believes adding an interfaith dimension would help unite people, saying a

Americans favor Egypt best

Egypt has topped the list of Arab countries that Americans expressed positive views towards, according to a survey of the views of Americans toward the world’s most publicized countries.

What Americans think about Muslims

WASHINGTON, DC: The American people and their openness to Muslim communities will in many ways determine the success of US President Barack Obama’s global engagement initiative,

An Appeal to the American People

Author Alan Hart opens Volume One of the American edition with an Appeal to the American People. The following is the text of it.

Abul Fotouh: We Admire The American People

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dr. Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh, member of the MB executive Bureau, said the Bush administration is a stumbling block in the road of reform