Amir Bassam


Egypt: Upper House Will Talk to World Parliaments to Stop Violation of Democracy and Freedoms

Coup commanders having swiftly disbanded Egypt’s Shura Council (the only legislature) does not stop lawmakers from convening session in mosque.

FJP Press Release No. 32, Second Phase Run-off Results

38 FJP Candidates Secure Seats, Results of 3 Electoral Lists and 3 Individual Seats Postponed

FJP Candidates Propose Party’s Agenda in Sharqia

Wide activity was witnessed in the Egyptian Sharqia governorate as Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), candidates proposed their party's platform to the public outlining their agenda during their electoral campaigns.

MB administrative offices set to select candidates for parliamentary elections

The Muslim Brotherhood’s administrative offices are engaged in local meetings to select candidates for the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled to take place in September.

MB Rejects Allegations by PA Speaker that MB Seeks Religious State

PA speaker in Egypt Dr. Fathi Sorour and senior NDP member on Friday confirmed that any pressure by the US on Cairo for reforms may very well backfire and result

Sharqeya MB fields 11 candidates including one female

The Muslim Brotherhood, members in the Egyptian governorate of Sharqeya has announced the names of 11 members nominated to run in the upcoming parliamentary elections including one female contender.

Human rights violations continue against political detainees

The Administration of Abadeya Prison in Damanhour governorate continues its violations against the Muslim Brotherhood's detainees and despite human rights appeals and complaints.

Court Releases Dr. Amir Bassam, MB Sharqiya Leader

 The Misdemeanors Appeals Court of Zagazig issued, on Tuesday, a ruling of releasing Dr. Amir Bassam, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Sharqiya and a professor in the Faculty of Medicine