MB offshoot in Jordan set to become lead players among Jordanian lawmakers

With its Friday anti-government rallies here attracting more protesters each week, the Muslim Brotherhood has positioned itself to become a leading player among Jordanian lawmakers if democratic reforms are enacted.

Too little, too late?

With Jordanian Prime Minister Samir Rifai reshuffling his cabinet in the run-up to November's elections, will this be enough to ease tensions in the country, asks Oula Farawati

Armouti: Egypt’s claims about the opening of Rafah crossing untrue

Dr. Ahmed Al-Armouti, the head of the Jordanian delegation who was denied access to Gaza, denied that the Egyptian authorities facilitate the movement of goods and people into the besieged

Egypt’s Kandil stopped at Amman airport

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) reported on Sunday that leading political activist and columnist Abdel Halim Kandil was held at Jordan’s Amman International Airport for 7 hours

Those We Honour and Why

In honouring those who define the values we share and those whose work we seek to emulate, Arab Americans make a statement about who we are, what we bring to

MB in Jordan debate ties with Hamas

The Muslim Brotherhood Shura council has attempted to bridge the divide among members over links with Hamas.

Muslim Brotherhood to dissolve executive office – source

AMMAN - Internal differences in the Muslim Brotherhood resurfaced this weekend and Islamist sources confirmed the group is poised to dissolve its executive office before the end of the month,

Dweik denies affirming reconciliation agreement to be signed by end of November

AMMAN, (PIC)-- The speaker of the Palestinian legislative council, Dr. Aziz Dweik has denied telling the press that he expected Hamas to sign the Egyptian reconciliation paper by end of

Moderate Arab Islamists struggle to steer a democratic course

For much of its 80-year history, the Muslim Brotherhood's very name symbolized promotion of a violent, anti-western movement bent on strict imposition of Islamic law. Much of the first generation

Muslim Brotherhood rejects resignations of 4 senior executives

During a meeting late Thursday, the 51-member council, the highest decision-making body in the Brotherhood, the largest opposition group, swiftly decided to reject the resignations of Rheil Gharaybeh, Mamdouh Muheisen,