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Assad’s regime of torture

As the fists and boots and sticks pummelled his body and bloodied his face, the college student screamed out what he thought his interrogators wanted to hear: The name of

Libyan writer detained following protest call

A Libyan writer and political commentator arrested last week and accused of a driving offence appears to have been targeted for calling for peaceful protests in the country, Amnesty International

Libya: Writer detained after calling for demonstrations

Amnesty International today called on the Libyan authorities to immediately clarify the legal status of former prisoner of conscience Jamal al-Hajji, who is being detained seemingly in connection with his

Amnesty International calls for immediate release of workers

Salil Shetty Secretary General of Amnesty International called for the immediate and safe release of his colleagues and others with them.

Crackdown on a number of Human Rights associations and disappearance of Egyptian, American and Algerian

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information and the Egyptian Association for the Advancement of community participation Announcing its their deep concern for the lives and safety of “Ahmed Seif

Amnesty calls on regime to allow peaceful protests

Amnesty International has called on Egyptian authorities not to clamp down on the scheduled nationwide demonstrations January 25, following reports of police threats to opposition members.

Amnesty Calls for Safeguarding MB Detainee

Amnesty International has issued a statement in which Ikhwanweb has a copy urging the Egyptian authorities to order security police to stop harassing and intimidating the families of detainees who

Egypt: election violence must be investigated

Amnesty International has called on the Egyptian authorities to fully investigate the deaths, violence and other human rights abuses that marred Sunday’s parliamentary elections.

21 international organizations call for immediate end to Gaza siege

-- 21 international human rights organizations have called for fresh international moves to lift the siege on Gaza immediately and without any conditions attached.

Amnesty Demands Egypt Protect Detainee from Possible Murder

Egyptian authorities must independently investigate, without delay, allegations that a young man was tortured to death at a police station in Alexandria, and guarantee the safety of another young man