Amnesty International


Arizona State University Students Protest IOF Soldier

A diverse group of Arizona State University students joined together to protest IOF Sargent Nadav Weinberg's lecture on the "Ethics of the IDF."

Rupert Murdoch: hiding truth behind euphemisms, omissions, slanders and lies

Rupert Murdoch’s recent speech at an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) dinner gala opened with this flattering observation: “You have championed equal treatment for all races and creeds.

FBI targets US Palestine activists

Searches, subpoenas, but no charges for anti-war activists 'providing support to terrorists' in Colombia and Palestine.

Egypt must not try factory workers before a military court

Amnesty international has condemned the trial before an Egyptian military court of eight factory workers, all civilians, detained after taking part in a protest against poor safety conditions at the

Cluster Bombs and Civilian Lives

Cluster bombs are in the news again, thanks to a recent report from Amnesty International.

Egypt court convicts officials over rockslide

A Cairo court sentenced on Wednesday the deputy governor of Cairo and 7 others to jail for their role in a massive rockslide that left over 100 people dead in

Egypt using defamation laws to prosecute dissenting voices

Amnesty International has criticized the Egyptian authorities’ use of criminal defamation charges to silence and harass activists, after the trial of two leading human rights defenders and a prominent blogger

Egypt urged to lift state of emergency

Amnesty International deplores Tuesday’s renewal of the state of emergency by the Egyptian authorities, who rushed through parliament a two-year extension to emergency laws that have been used to crackdown

Libya: Recent incident highlights need for investigations into Abu Salim Prison killings

The confrontation between families of victims of the Abu Salim Prison killings of June 1996 and the former coordinator of an organization representing families of those killed in clashes with

Mubarak’s war on Islamists

Amnesty International on Thursday called for a retrial of 26 defendants, criticizing the use of an emergency court.