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Egypt: sweeping reform needed to protect workers’ rights

“The authorities must mark International Workers’ Day by announcing sweeping legal and institutional reforms to promote and protect labor rights, including by allowing for workers to organize freely and form

Egyptian politician calls for protesters to be shot

Amnesty International on Monday condemned comments by an Egyptian MP and member of the ruling party who urged the police to shoot protesters that have been calling for political reform

Amnesty International: Egypt urged to protect peaceful demonstrators

The protestors have been calling for political reform and for an end to the 29-year government-imposed state of emergency which has been used to curb protests and freedom of expression.

Australia asylum suspension could harm world’s most vulnerable

Amnesty International has condemned the Australian Government’s suspension of the processing of new asylum claims by Afghan and Sri Lankan nationals, which is fundamentally inconsistent with Australia’s international obligations under

Iran ’shows contempt’ for human rights by rejecting UN recommendations

Amnesty International today criticized Iran for rejecting important recommendations by the United Nations to improve human rights in the country.

Moderate Islamist Movements continue to be suppressed from emergence by Syrian authorities.

The Syrian government’s recent crackdown on Islamist figures known for their pro-democracy activities has highlighted the difficulty faced by political Islam in growing as a popular movement in Syria.

Amnesty says Kurds trial in Syria a farce

The trial of five members of the Kurdish minority in Syria began again on Tuesday amidst much international rights groups’ frustration. London-based Amnesty International called on Syria’s Supreme State Security

Wife of Egyptian Sinai activist speaks out

The wife of detained Sinai activist Musaad Abu Fagr, Shaimaa, spoke out on Wednesday in a posting on Amnesty International’s website, saying that since her husband’s arrest in February, 2008,

Egyptian Military Court of Appeals fails to rectify injustice

Amnesty International condemns the failure of Egypt's military appeals court to overturn sentences imposed on leading members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood organization after unfair trials

Rights group lashes out over Egypt’s military tribunals

CAIRO: Amnesty International has condemned the Egyptian government for failing to overturn military court verdicts in an appeal by Muslim Brotherhood members sentenced in what the London-based group called “unfair