Amr Darrag


Fahmi: Al Shater Demanded Mediators to Negotiate with President Morsi After the Coup

 The spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), Dr. Talaat Fahmi, said that the Deputy Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat Al Shater, during meetings with international mediators after the military

Politics or Piety? Why the Muslim Brotherhood Engages in Social Service Provision

“Islamists on Islamism Today” is a new series within Brookings's Rethinking Political Islam project. In this series, we will hear directly from Islamist activists and leaders themselves, as they engage

Egypt Pro-Democracy Leaders, Public Figures Statement on Sanctity of National Airspace

Anti-Coup public figures and leading politicians sign this statement in which they condemn the military junta's recklessness regarding Egypt's sovereignty and the coup regime's traitorous politics and collaboration with the

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Coup Regime Crimes of Enforced Disappearance

As the coup commanders escalate their murderous campaign against all opponents of their bloody coup, the FJP vows the January 2011 Revolution will go on until it achieves ultimate victory,

Freedom and Justice Party Expresses Concern for Secretary General Hussein Ibrahim Arrest

The FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, is gravely concerned for the health of its Secretary General Hussein Ibrahim (who is also the Speaker of the legitimate parliament elected in

Egyptian Opposition: Execution of Croatian hostage strongly condemned

 ISTANBUL – The Egyptian opposition strongly condemns the execution of Croatian hostage Tomislav Salopek who was kidnapped July 22 in Cairo, and reportedly beheaded by militants affiliated with ISIS in

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Announces New Offices

With ERC elections concluded, the council announces its new set up.

Amr Darrag: June 30, 2013 Army and Police Support Affirms Junta Maneuver was No Revolution

Muslim Brotherhood leading member Amr Darrag says latest leaked revelation about army and police forces mobilizing for the junta's June 30 (2013) traitorous maneuver affirms it was a coup.

Amr Darrag Strongly Condemns ISIS Killing of Egyptians in Libya

Muslim Brotherhood leader Amr Darrag denounces the spilling of Egyptian blood in Libya and warns the junta in Egypt against any irresponsible retaliation.