Amr Khaled


State TV Retracts Decision to Cancel ElBaradei Interview With Amr Khaled

Potential presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei stated on Wednesday that a decision to cancel TV interview with famous preacher Amr Khaled was retracted, and the show will air as scheduled

Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh Receives Amr Khaled in his Office

His Eminence, Dr. Al-Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, received preacher Amr Khaled, accompanied by Dr. Abdul Halim Aweys, a professor of Islamic History and Civilization at the Cairo-based Al-Azhar

Amr Khaled’s moderate thought fights Al-Qaeda’s extremist ideology in Yemen

Egyptian preacher embarks on battle to win hearts and minds of Yemeni extremists with his intermediacy, moderation.

Islamic Televangelism: Religion, Media and Visuality in Contemporary Egypt

For the three characters of this film and thousands of other young Egyptians, Amr Khaled’s brand of Islamic televangelism is merely one element – however prominent – of the diffuse

Cosmopolitan Islamism and its Critics

4Shbab is an emerging music-television channel based in Cairo, financed by Saudi investors, and directed towards a global Muslim public. Through its programming and public and private statements of its

‘Screens to heaven’

More and more conservative religious channels are appearing on the small screen, changing the way people consume religion, writes Mohamed El-Sayed.

Amr Khaled Named One of Time’s Top 100 Most Infleuntial People

Time Magazine named Amr Khaled one of the top 100 most influential people worldwide for "preaching a shrewdly packaged message of moderation, self-renewal and personal growth through Islam".