Update: Worldwide protest over Quran burning

The Edinburgh Evening posted an article describing the people’s anger over the burning of the Muslim’s Holy Quran reporting that More than 50 Scottish Muslims arrived at the Consulate building

Obama condemns torching of Quran describing it as destructive act

With the plan to torch copies of the Muslims holy Quran, The Associated press writes that U.S. President Barak Obama publicly condemned the Florida churches plans describing it as, "A

Media frenzy surrounds Quran burning day

It appears that Pastor Terry Jones is getting the media attention he sought two years in a row with the Dove outreach the church's infamous "Islam is the Devil" t-shirts

U.S. Authorities: Vandalism at a California mosque hate crime

A group called American Nationalist Brotherhood claimed responsibility for the attacks of vandalism at a mosque in Madera California in what was described as a 'hate crime' by local officials.

MB: Burning the Quran will increase anti-Americanism in the Muslim world

In a recent statement, media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam al-Erian described the scheduled "Quran burning" as a "barbaric act, reminiscent of the Inquisition" .

US commander warns of consequences of burning Quran

General David Petraeus has warned that the scheduled plans by an American church to burn copies of the holy Quran would endanger the lives of US troops.

Centre for Human Rights says Hatred against Muslims Sweeping West

The Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Countering Anti-Discrimination has recently issued a report titled "lost rights and a wasted dignity”.

Fighting back: Website takes on Muslim Brotherhood critics

The website defines Ikhwanophobes - another term it coined - as those who believe Muslim Brotherhood members are religious fanatics, violent towards non-Muslims, and contemptuous of values such as equality,

NY Times conducts poll on Americans Muslims

An article in the New Republic highlights the sentiments of one Martin Peretz an American publisher and Harvard University lecturer described by Source Watch as a "long-time advocate for Israel

Web Watch: Hatred will drive people into online Ghettos

Imagine British Telecom allowed people to call you up and spew religious hatred down the phone. Imagine all your pals received the same phone calls. No-one would blame you for