San Diego: Muslim Assaulted and told “Go back home”

The Council on American-Islamic relations (CAIR) is seeking hate charges against a man who assaulted a Muslim.

Islamophobia reaches India calling for the banning of Al-Qaradawi

A Hindu priest, has unjustly called for the banning of Muslim Scholar Yusef Al-Qaradawi from entering India .

No-name radicals vs. ‘South Park’ just a distraction

Free speech issues and portrayals of Islam needlessly stirred a hornet’s nest recently when “South Park” depicted the Prophet Mohammed disguised in a bear suit in the 200th episode of

Islamophobia – Now in American Children’s Textbooks?

True, the demonizing of Arabs and Muslims in America began well before the terrible tragedy of September 11, 2001 but, what is new post-9/11, is that now demonizing Muslims and

Poland demonstrates Islamophobic sentiments

The Muslim League in Poland's plans of the building of a modern, three-story mosque near the centre of Warsaw has been met by angry Poles.

Muslim Congressman Called names by Tea Party Protesters

Prejudice comments on Capitol Hill are met with disappointment by CAIR

Islam: A Message of Tolerance

With all the recent news of bombings and violence in parts of the Muslim world

Why Are Muslims Alone in Condemning Crimes?

Christian organizations did not issue any condemnations (for crimes committed by Christians or in the name of Christianity) - even though no one group in the history of the world

Egypt’s Islamic intellectuals condemn French Justice Minister over veil comments

Egyptian Islamic thinkers have condemned French Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie over comments she said on a recent television interview.