AOHR: Nine Detainees Die of Medical Negligence in Egyptian Prisons in 3 Months

The London-based Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) said on Monday that "Egyptian authorities continue to take the lives of detainees in Egyptian prisons and detention centers in the absence

Junta Regime Pursuing Extra-Judicial Killing Policy Under Pretext of Fighting Terrorism

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain affirms that Egyptian security forces pursue a deliberate policy of extra-judicial killings and torture of all dissidents, assisted by judicial bodies that

AOHR Urges UN Prompt, Transparent Investigation Into Egypt Public Prosecutor Assassination

Rights Organization AOHR affirms that the Egyptian junta regime's account of Public Prosecutor Barakat's assassination is a sham.

Rights Organization Urges International Bodies to Help Stop Brutal Violations in Egyptian Prisons

The Arab Organization for Human Rights in Britain details coup authorities' documented violations at Aqrab Prison, and urges relevant rights bodies to visit Egyptian jails to help stop atrocities committed

UK Rights Organization Denounces Murder of 4 Coup Opponents in 3 Days by Coup Regime

The cold-blooded murders of four Egyptian citizens in the last three days brings the number of Egyptians deliberately killed after arrest to 53 citizens since the coup (July 3, 2013)

Human Rights Organization’s Damning Report on Violations, Atrocities in Egypt During 2015

UK-Based rights organization AOHR's annual report condemns the military coup regime in Egypt for its relentless war on all opponents, killing and maiming children, old people, men and women without

Egyptian Mosaab Ramadan Languishes in UAE Prisons More Than 354 Days

As Mosaab is subjected to enforced disappearance and torture, though he committed no crime, UN specialist bodies must intervene to secure his release.

Three More Egyptians Die in Detention in 48 Hours Due to Coup Authorities’ Deliberate Medical

The junta regime in Egypt kills three more Egyptians (in two days) in its dungeons and detention centers with deliberate and methodical medical neglect.

Rights Report: Egyptian Prisons, Detention Centers Kill More Egyptians Every Month

As increasing numbers of innocent Egyptians are brutally beaten, raped and tortured to death in coup security vehicles, police stations, detention centers and junta jails, the AOHR calls on the

Calls for ElBaradei Nobel award to be revoked

The Arabic Organisation for Human Rights in the UK (AOHR) has called for the board of the Nobel Peace Prize to revoke the award given to Mohamed ElBaradei in 2005.