Apartheid Wall


Israeli troops injure Palestinians, sympathizers during peaceful march in Bil’in

A handful of Palestinians and foreign sympathizers were injured while tens were treated for gas inhalation and one journalist from Germany was arrested Friday after Israeli troops suppressed walks in

New History or a New Mirage

Echoing Edward Said, the legendary Palestinian scholar, Antoine Raffoul addresses the ambiguities of Israel’s "new historians" who, with the clear exception of Ilan Pappe, condemn the occupation but fail to

Zionist entity to revive laws allowing it to arrogate Palestinian properties

Israeli legal circles and parties opposing the occupation and construction of settlements on Palestinian lands revealed Thursday that the Israeli occupation government was reviving an old law allowing it to

Jewish settlers torch Palestinian cultivated fields

Jewish settlers on Thursday afternoon set fire to large areas of Palestinian owned land in the village of Hawwara to the south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus,

The Impending Collapse of Israel in Palestine

On November 15, 1988 the Palestine National Council (P.N.C.) meeting in Algiers proclaimed the Palestinian Declaration of Independence that created the independent state of Palestine.

Confrontations with the IOF during anti-wall demonstrations

Dozens of protestors suffered breathing difficulties on Friday when IOF troops used teargas to disperse their weekly peaceful demonstrations to protest the building of the Apartheid wall and confiscation of

IOA rebuilds apartheid wall in central Lod

Israeli occupation authority (IOA) resumed construction of a wall separating Arab and Jewish neighborhoods in the heavily Jewish settled city of Lod, which is located in Palestinian territories occupied in

Jewish musicians unite for Palestine

“I actually got the idea from a Pakistani-punk rock band,” said Cooper referring to the Kominas, who were inspired by a fictional Muslim punk-rock band in Michael Mohammad Knight’s book

To end the occupation, cripple Israeli banks– by Terry Crawford-Browne

The international banking sanctions campaign in New York against apartheid South Africa during the 1980s is regarded as the most effective strategy in bringing about a nonviolent end to the

One injury, dozens of suffocation cases, six detainees in Bil’in anti-wall march

One Palestinian citizen was injured, dozens suffered tear gas suffocation and six others were detained at noon Friday when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) attacked the weekly anti-wall protest at