The Goldstone Report: The Legacy of the Landmark Investigation of the Gaza Conflict

Henry Siegman recounts the controversy over the Goldstone Report in Israel and expands on the country's continued moral depravity.

Dozens suffer breathing problems in IOF quelling of WB marches

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used excessive force to disperse peaceful marches in West Bank villages on Friday that are weekly organized to protest the separation wall and growing settlement drive.

Until when this conspiracy of scilence?

Released prisoner, Ihsan Dababseh (24), tells the story of the video in which Israeli soldier Avi Yakobov, who abused her by performing a belly-dance and rubbing against her bound and

American Universities Say Yes to Apartheid

A letter from Gaza appeared on the Web dated September 24, 2010. It was from a group of Gaza academics and students and sought to publicize the fact that eight

West Bank activists injured in protests against apartheid wall

Several activists were injured and arrested on Friday afternoon when Israeli military forces used rubber bullets and tear gas canisters to suppress marches against the apartheid wall in villages in

A Fascist voice from Spain

Jose Maria Aznar, the former Spanish Prime Minister, is reported to have called on western countries to protect and defend the Apartheid Israeli regime, despite the latter’s Nazi-like policies against

World Cup campaign to end the apartheid in Palestine

Massive public and media campaigns were launched in conjunction with the World Cup soccer league, drawing attention to the fact that apartheid, which was abolished in South Africa two decades

Israel’s bomb out of the shadows

Israel faces unprecedented pressure to abandon its official policy of “ambiguity” on its possession of nuclear weapons as the international community meets at the United Nations in New York this

Three foreigners hurt in IOF quelling of anti-wall march

Three foreign solidarity activists were injured when the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) used blind force to quell a peaceful anti-wall march in Beit Jala town, Bethlehem district.

IOF troops violently disperse peaceful march

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) beat up Palestinian demonstrators in Beit Jala town, Bethlehem district, on Sunday for marching against the separation wall.