April 6 Movement


Freedom and Justice Party, Alexandria: Abducting Our Leaders Dangerous Shift in Political Action

Serious development threatens political life in Egypt as Constitution Party members kidnap and brutally beat an FJP leader in Alexandria.

Writers, Judges, Diplomats and Copts: Morsi Speech Great Initiative for National Reconciliation

Egypt’s first freely elected President Mohamed Morsi’s first speech after winning the Presidential elections reflects his hopes for Egyptian unity as well as openness to the world.

Facing Violent Attacks in Tahrir, Muslim Brotherhood Youth Show Restraint and Call for National Unity

A number of young people angry with the Military Council (SCAF) vented their frustration at the Muslim Brotherhood-run stage in Tahrir Square on today's Friday of Dignity marking the anniversary

Online poll reveals MB most effective

An online survey regarding the most influential political forces on the Egyptian street, harvested over 85 thousand votes by, visitors to the Masrawy website.

Rallies condemning torture of Khaled Saeed in Egypt continue

Events condemning torture in Egypt continue as the Egyptian Movement for Change "Kefaya" announced the organization of a mass protest on the 40 day commemoration of the killing of Khaled

Egyptian PM: Emergency law necessary for Egypt ‘s prosperity

Egyptian Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif defended the decision to renew the dreaded emergency law, which has been imposed since 1981. He described the law as necessary in protecting citizens and

Egypt’s April 6 movement gets behind ElBaradei

Over 100 signatures were collected Friday evening at the Hisham Mubarak Law Center (HMLC) in support of Mohamed ElBaradei and his proposed constitutional reforms.

Activists, journalists and distinguished individuals converge in protest against police brutality.

Activists and members of numerous trends and movements including the Kefaya, and April 6 movement will rally expressing their condemnation of police violence on Monday, during a protest held to