April 6 Youth Movement


The Brother Leader, By The Majalla

Liberals view him as an uncompromising religious conservative and even within the Muslim Brotherhood some doubt his ability to lead. Will Mohamed Badie succeed in uniting the Muslim Brotherhood and

Opposition Groups Issue Statement Calling for Interior Minister’s Resignation

A statement was issued by political opposition and national group’s calling for the resignation of Habib al-Adly, the Interior Minister.

Thousands Rally on Day of Anger in Cairo, Alexandria, Sharqyya and Mahalla al-Kubra

The April 6 Youth Movement announced that 5 activists were arrested today for participating in "A Day of Anger" rally attended by several activists in all the governorates of Egypt

Egyptians denounce security forces’ assault on activists opposing inheritance of power

The Popular Campaign to Support the Nomination of ElBaradei and the Demands of Change, has condemned the violent means used by the state security apparatus against a protest which included

Angry protesters call for immediate release of political detainees

Hamdi Hassan from the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, called for participation from all walks of life.

Egypt gov’t MPs call for shooting protesters

Egyptian ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) members of Parliament lashed out during a verbal battle with Muslim Brotherhood MPs over protesters in the country on Sunday and said Egyptian pro-democracy