April 6 Youth


Political Forces in Egypt Preparing for the January 25 Day of Rage Demonstration

Political forces in Egypt have stepped up their demands to take to the street on January 25 in conjunction with the celebration of Egypt's National Police.

April 6 Youth Say Mubarak’s Remarks Are a Prelude for Electoral Fraud

The anti-government "April 6 Youth Movement" rejected Mubarak's remarks which he made before the ruling National Democratic Party's (NDP) Higher Body in which he said that he is “looking forward

Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak’s Office of shutting down his Website

Blogger Amr Osama, of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, accused members of the NDP's policies committee of being behind the irrational shutting down of his blog.

Analysts call on Washington to pressure Egypt for political reform

Strong willed protestors from the Muslim Brotherhood and the April 6 Youth movement had collaborated in demonstrations calling for amendments to the constitution only to be assaulted by security apparatus

Egyptian Blogger Beaten

During the mayhem of a major soccer match, Egyptian blogger Kareem el-Shae’r was kidnapped and beaten.