April 6


Mohamed Beltagy Steadfast Against Relentless Junta Vengeance Campaign

Egyptian political opposition leader Beltagy, 52, is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has been dealt several absurd and ludicrous sentences by the military junta's lopsided justice.

Katatni on April 6 Anniversary: Let’s Cooperate to Build Modern Democratic Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood’s political arm, the FJP, urges a return to the solidarity, unity and selfless cooperation that marked the January 2011 Revolution.

Freedom and Justice Party Calls on April 6 Movement to Reconsider Positions

As so-called opposition forces resort to meaner, more violent and plain-down-right immoral tactics, the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing, the FJP, warns of impending total ethical meltdown.

Third Attack on Muslim Brotherhood’s Ikhwanonline website HQ in Cairo Downtown

As the Brotherhood devotes its efforts to serve the Egyptian man in the street, with medical convoys and huge charitable markets, dark forces comprising thugs and saboteurs persistently target its

Civil Disobedience, Causes and Implications of Failure

Activists called for civil disobedience to coincide with the first anniversary of the Egyptian revolution, with a number of youth figures and movements announcing that civil disobedience is the only

Ahmed Maher, 6 April: Unity is How Revolution Succeeded, Must Be Restored

Coordinator for the April 6th Movement, Ahmed Maher asserted there were no differences between the revolutionaries in Tahrir Square. He stressed "There were no clashes between those who took to

On liberalism and Islamism: Responding to the Arguments of Secular Liberalists

"Role of Religion in Liberal Society" is the title of the article by Islam Hussein published on ikhwaweb on October 29, 2011. The article is part of the debate of

Activists Launch E-Protests Against Military Trials for Civilians

Egyptian activists launched a Facebook campaign with the title "No to the military tribunals for civilians," where they agreed to post their slogan for an hour-long "electronic demonstration" last Saturday

FJP Expresses Concern Over Abbaseya Clashes, Calls for Unity and Self-Restraint

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) received with sorrow the clashes that took place in Abbaseya square Saturday, leading to confrontations among Egyptians in a scene we were hoping not

Egypt: Five Things To Know Going Into The “Day of Persistence”

The Egyptian authorities are making a mistake if they don’t believe that the demonstrators represent the Egyptian people. In addition to the April 6th Youth Movement and the ‘We Are