Aqrab Prison


Wives of Detainees in Coup Prisons: Suffering and Pains

 The military coup authorities, via their generals, their armies, their informants and their politicians, and through repressive measures, try to break the prisoners’ families materially and morally to give up

Dr. Essam Al Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Prison

Al Shehab Center for Human Rights, on its official page on Facebook, condemned the medical negligence and violations against Dr. Essam Al Haddad, Assistant to President Morsi for Foreign Affairs,

El Haddad’s Health Deteriorates in Al ‘Aqrab Prison

The family of Dr. Essam el-Haddad, 64, an adviser to President Mohamed Morsi, confirmed that his health is continuously deteriorating in his detention at Al ‘Aqrab prison  Mona Imam, wife

Human Rights Watchdog: Two Journalists Abducted by Sisi Security Forces, 94 Detained to Date

In continuation of the enforced disappearance crime against political dissidents and civil society by Gen. Sisi since the military coup of July 3, 2013, security forces have taken into custody

Muslim Brotherhood Leaders in Al ‘Aqrab Prison Begin Hunger Strike

A number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Al ‘Aqrab prison carry out a hunger strike in protest of mistreatment and violations. Former spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Dr. Ahmed Aref,

Families of Detained Journalists Demand Immediate Release; Press Freedom Group Strikes in Solidarity

The wives of two detained journalists held in Egypt’s notorious Aqrab Prison (Hisham Gaafar and Hassan Kabany) have filed several complaints and sent several pleas to several authorities and bodies

Journalists in Harsh Junta Jail Start Hunger-Strike to Protest Ill-Treatment, Rights Violations

Detained journalist Hisham Gaafar and his colleague Hassan Kabany started a hunger-strike Wednesday to protest their continued pretrial detention in violation of the law, since that exceeded the maximum legal

Detained Journalist’s Family Plea to UN as Junta Renews Detention Beyond Pre-Trial Maximum

Detained journalist Hisham Gaafar’s family said Egyptian authorities renewed detention of Gaafar, although he had been in custody for longer than the maximum period of pre-trial detention (since October 20,

Aref: Sisi Trying to Rule Egypt by Harsh Prison Rules

Ahmed Aref, jailed Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman, said the coup junta regime in Egypt has been striving to transform Egypt into a large dark dungeon governed by harsh Aqrab Prison rules;

Egypt’s Aqrab Prison Hell: Slow Death, Chemicals Sprayed on Hundreds of Political Prisoners

Aqrab Prison detainees suffer extreme humiliation and brutal abuse from the prison administration almost daily, amid fears of a repeat of slow-death atrocities in this notorious jail. Ahmed Aref, Muslim