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North African bloggers get creative to evade censorship

When confronted with free speech as an act of self-expression, authoritarian powers throughout history have tried to assert their legitimacy and remove threats to their rule through censorship.

Wasla – Egypt’s Magazine for Bloggers without Blogs

Internet blogs are today taking on increasing importance in Egypt. But many readers simply don't have the time to do so much reading online. The new blog magazine "Wasla" is

Threat to Social Media in Middle East

Internet Service Provider (ISP) plays an important role in blocking/filtering websites. In its role as a licensed ISP and in response to customer requests, ISPs have a clear policy that

Arab Media: Human rights vs bill limiting media coverage

Committee to Protect Journalists reports that human rights reporting in the Arab media has seen an increase despite efforts to curtail such coverage by repressive Arab regimes.

Al-Azhar says no fatwa against Facebook

“If people think Facebook will lead to sex, then they need to grow up,” said Ahmed Badrawi, a 22-year-old university student. “The Internet has so many things and to say

HRW to Libya: Stop blocking websites

Libya’s moves in late January, 2010, to block access to at least seven independent and opposition Libyan web sites based abroad and to YouTube is a disturbing step away from

How the Internet has snowballed in the Arab world

“The internet in the Arab world has a snowball effect; now that the snowball is rolling, it can no longer be stopped.

Egypt: In Cairo International Airport …Be Careful if You Are A Blogger!

Meanwhile leading NGOs and studies centers all over the world becoming more interested in listening to the Arab bloggers and their digital activism, the Egyptian bloggers have bad luck in

Report: Internet is a tool for repression and resistance in Arab world

On Sunday the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, ANHRI, expressed its deep concern about the escalation of the suppression of internet users by Arab states.

Governments Block, Censor the Internet, Tap the lines of its Users and Torture Many of

ANHRI stated that the internet has a snowball effect on the process of democracy in the Arab world. This new force cannot be stopped by government’s actions of censorship, blocking