Arab Countries


Brotherhood on Nakba Day: Arab Spring Will Change Continued Israeli Occupation Equation

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood statement commemorates Palestinian Nakba (Catastrophe) Day, condemning Israeli escalation of settlement-building, Judaization schemes and forced displacement of increasing numbers of Palestinian people.

Muslim Brotherhood Warns Israel of Consequences of Irresponsible Acts

Muslim Brotherhood statement accuses Israel of spreading chaos, terror and aggression in the heart of the Arab world, and of seeking to partition Arab countries in order to gain full

Hassan Malik: Egypt Will Overcome Economic Crisis Soon

Economist, businessman and ‘Egyptian Business Development Association’ chief Malik affirms that Egypt is a big economy and that it will recover from its current crisis very shortly.

Morsi: No Egyptian Interference in Neighboring Countries

President Morsi assures that Egypt does not meddle in its neighbors’ affairs, and that it does respect the choices of other nations in the region.

Osama Yassin Calls for Empowering Youth in Arab Decision-Making

Egyptian Minister of Youth Yassin stresses the importance of young people enjoying their full rights and engaging in political life in Arab World countries.

Heshmat: Continuing Diplomatic Efforts to End Emirates Egyptians Crisis Quickly

Egypt’s Shura Council member Heshmat urges UAE rulers to intervene to end the unnecessary suffering of top Egyptian professionals detained in the Emirates without charges or trials.

Full Coverage of Dr. Morsi Presidential Campaign Kickoff in Mahalla Al-Kubra on May Day

From the heart of Egypt’s large industrial city, Mahalla, the Brotherhood’s presidential nominee vows to take the revolution to a victorious end, achieving all its goals, and gaining a sweeping

Freedom and Justice Party Urges Saudi Embassy, Consulates Closure Rethink

Urgent request of the FJP to the Saudi government to prevent escalation of tensions between the two countries

Al-Shater… Real Renaissance Project to Thwart Counter-Revolution

A Harbinger of Good Things to Come is one way to describe Khairat Al-Shater, the chief architect of Egypt’s long-hoped-for comprehensive rejuvenation project, and the new presidential candidate, nominated by

Al-Qaradawi Denounces Hezbollah, Iran Support for Assad’s Tyranny

The renowned Egyptian scholar Dr. Yusuf Qaradawi urged the Syrian people to persevere with their revolution vigorously against the tyrant Bashar Al-Assad, expressing his faith in their victory.