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Abul Fotouh to Run as Independent

Egypt’s renowned Muslim Brotherhood member Dr. Abdul Moneim Abul Fotouh has confirmed his plans to contend for president of Egypt despite an agreement by the Muslim Brotherhood to not field

Egyptian authorities refuse entry of construction material via Rafah terminal

The Egyptian authorities have turned down a request by the Arab doctors union (ADU) to send construction and other relief materials to the Gaza Strip via the Rafah border terminal.

Arab Doctors Union discuss Nile ‘s sharing agreement

The seminar comes in the light of the negative repercussions of the agreement signed by 4 of the Nile Basin countries without the notable presence of Egypt to regulate water

Heshmat challenges Interior minister in hope of earning Masters Degree.

The Muslim Brotherhood's defense team has filed an urgent challenge against the Ministry of Defense, and the Borg el Arab Prison administrator on behalf of Dr Gamal Heshmat who is

Administrative Court to judge in 4 public opinion cases

The Egyptian public opinion anticipated verdicts concerning 4 cases which were to be heard by Judge Adel Farghali Chief Justice of the Administrative Court.

Administrative Court to judge in four public opinion cases

Anticipated verdicts concerning 4 cases, which were to be heard by Judge Adel Farghali, Chief Justice of the Administrative Court are expected in public opinion cases.

Abul Magd congratulates Abul Fotouh on his recent release.

Recently released Dr Abdul Monem Abul Fotouh secretary general of the Arab Doctors Union and a distinguished member of the Muslim Brotherhood Bureau received a warm and heart-felt telegraph congratulating

ADU: Egypt would allow entry of Adahi meat into Gaza Strip during Eid

The emergency and relief committee of the Arab Doctors’ Union (ADU) has revealed that the Egyptian authorities would allow the entry of 200 tons of canned meat donated by charitable

The long awaited release of Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam

Security services released Dr. Gamal Abdul Salam, Rapporteur of the Jerusalem Committee of the Arab Doctors Union and the Muslim Brotherhood's candidate in 2005 legislative elections after receiving an acquittal

Release of Dr Aboul Fotouh.

In an urgent news release "Ikhwanweb" the official English Muslim Brotherhood website posts the news that State Security decided on the release of Dr Abdul Monem Aboul Fotouh Secretary General