Arab Governments


Report finds 85% of people approve of Muslim Brotherhood participation in politics

A new social media analysis report has identified a rapidly growing preference for neo-socialist politics among Arabs who are taking part in the region's revolutionary movements.

MB offshoot in Bahrain calls for GCC confederation

Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood’s offshoot in Bahrain the Menbar National Islamic Society Dr Abdul Latif Al-Sheikh, urged the need for the unity of the Arab Gulf states, through the

MB calls on Arab League to intervene in Libya

A prominent member of the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Bureau has called on the Arab League and Arab countries to intervene in Libya to end the crisis, but warns the

The Obama administration’s quiet approach to Arab reform

While the last two years have witnessed a few modest advances in political reform in Arab countries--importantly, women appear to be participating politically in larger numbers--the general trend has been

MB Chairman calls on the world to unite and defend victims of Israeli aggression

In an interview with the Jazeera news channel Badie maintained that the nation is now facing a defining moment long awaited by the entire world.

Arab Youth

In the Arab world, it must be reminded, the youth (15-29 years) represents 30 percent of the total population, and 45 percent of the working-age population. Arab youth employment rates

‘Screens to heaven’

More and more conservative religious channels are appearing on the small screen, changing the way people consume religion, writes Mohamed El-Sayed.

American poll finds Arabs believe economy deteriorating

CAIRO: Only one-quarter of Egyptians said that the economic situation in the country is heading for the better,

US must spell out its attitude

A senior Middle East specialist has called on decision-makers in Washington to spell out their attitude towards the Islamic movements in the region

Middle East Democracy Promotion Is Not a One-way Street

President Obama in EgyptPresident Obama is under pressure to relaunch the political reform agenda in the Middle East, but low U.S. credibility and the region’s political stagnation leave little hope