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FJP Leaders Meet Saudi Ambassador in Cairo, Discuss Bilateral Relations

Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) leaders Dr. Mohamed Morsi and Dr. Saad Katatny met with Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Cairo, Ahmed Ben Abdul Aziz Alqatan, Monday to discuss measures to

FJP Praises Turkey’s Decision to Expel Israeli Ambassador

Dr. Saad Katatny, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary General, praised Turkey's decision, which included expelling the Israeli ambassador to Ankara and suspending military contracts, as a result of Israel’s

Members of Kuwaiti Parliament Attend Conference in Cairo in Solidarity With Syrian Uprising

In expression of support of the Syrian people facing brutal crackdowns, a conference will organized by the Arab activists onTuesday August 16 at al-Azhar Conferences center, the main hall.

MB Leader in Tunisia Draws Parallels with Egypt’s Revolution

According to Rashid Al Ghannouchi, Head of the Renaissance Party (the Muslim Brotherhood in Tunisia), Mubarak’s historical trial will push Tunisians to pressure the government to also try the ousted

France – A New Ally for the Middle East ?

France has recently opened the door for dialog with any Muslim movement beyond its shores that renounces violence.

MB Chairman: Through peaceful perseverance peace will be attained

In the latest message by the Muslim Brotherhoods chairman Dr. MOhamed Badie called on the Muslims to keep the faith and unity and to remain optimistic.

What Tunisia Means to the Arab World

The grievances that the Tunisian demonstrators have articulated in recent weeks - and in other forms in recent decades - are also widely shared across the entire Arab world, notes

MB calls on Arab nations to support Tunisians

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on all Arab and Islamic factions to stand by the Tunisians. It commended the people's uprising and its fight for its fight for

IAEA votes down Arab arms resolution against Israel

Member states of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) rejected by a small margin a resolution tabled by Arab nations calling on Israel to undersign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, a