Arab Peace Initiative


FM Minister: Arab Economic Summit Urged Tackling of Intervention in Arab Affairs

"Arab foreign ministers will discuss at the preparatory meetings for the 2nd Economic and Social Arab Summit at Sharm El-Sheikh, a proposal submitted by Egypt and Arab League chief Amr

Leaked letter reveals Obama’s contempt for international law

Stuart Littlewood views US President Barack Obama’s willingness to ride roughshod over international law and the Geneva Conventions by granting Israel reckless and extravagant favours – courtesy of US taxpayers

Abbas is unfit to lead the Palestinian people

The reaction of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the latest Zionist provocations, including the all-out settlement expansion drive in the West Bank, has been disastrous and calamitous.

Netanyahu declines Obama’s request to expand settlement freeze

The Israeli media reported that premier Benjamin Netanyahu rebuffed a request made by US president Barack Obama to expand settlement freeze.

Mousa: Pessimism surrounds renewed negotiations with Israel

In a comment about the renewed Arab-Israeli peace talks in Washington , Amr Mousa, and Secretary General of the Arab League alleged that many people were not optimistic about the

MB opinion: Ruling regime should work on solving power crisis rather than defaming MB

Egypt is currently facing numerous developments mostly related to the Muslim Brotherhood. With the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for October the ruling regime has strategically given the green light to

Kuwait withdraws its support for the Arab initiative, Hamas welcomes the step

The Kuwaiti government agreed to pull out from the Arab peace initiative at the request of its parliament following the Israeli brutal attack on the Freedom Flotilla that grouped Kuwaiti

US urged to push for two state solution

A senior Fatah leader has called on the US to push for the “1967 Two State Resolution” if it was really sincere to bring in lasting peace in the Middle

The Good Old Days

United States President Barack Obama's decision to name Robert Ford as the new ambassador to Syria to fill a post that has been vacant since 2005 has been warmly received