Arab Revolutions


Erian: Palestine UN Observer Non-Member Status Historic Day Thanks to Arab Revolutions

Palestinian leadership hopes historic vote will help it negotiate a fairer two-state peace deal with Israel, hold war-criminals to account before the International Criminal Court, and hence reduce or hopefully

Rafiq Habib: Egypt Secular Forces Shun Western-Style Democracy

According to Coptic thinker and Freedom and Justice Party Vice-Chairman Habib, Arab Spring democracy is Islamist par excellence, something which Egyptian secularists are inadvertently aiding.

Daily Mail: The Brave Women of the Middle East

After being viciously beaten by a 10-strong mob of Egyptian male soldiers, this woman lies helplessly on the ground as her shirt is ripped from her body and a man

FJP 2011 Program on Political Leadership

Egypt has traditionally played a central, strategic role and a significant cultural and historical weight, regionally and internationally.

Ghozlan: MB Will Not Instigate Talks With the US

Dr. Mahmoud Ghozlan, media spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood denied any talks took place between the US and MB. However, he said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the Brotherhood is

Hamas Leader: Palestinian Liberation More Important Than Statehood

Khaled Mashaal, Head of the Political Bureau of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, stated that liberating Palestine from occupation is more significant than the bid for its statehood.

Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood: Regime Uses Al-Qaeda as Scarecrow to Remain in Power

In an exclusive interview with Ikhwanweb, Muslim Brotherhood leader in Yemen, Dr. Abdul Rahman Bafadl, renowned for his stances against the regime during his term in parliament which continued from

Erdo?an’s Middle East Agenda

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an's visit to Egypt, Tunisia and Libya Sept. 12-16 is seen as a new chapter in Turkey's relationship with the Middle East.

Coptic Intellectuals in Egypt Reject US Religious Freedom Report

Coptic intellectual and former MP Gamal Assa'd rejected a US report on religious freedoms which labelled Egypt for the first time as a “country of particular concern,” citing “systematic, ongoing,

Tunisian Alliance Rejects Calls for Referendum Prior to Constituent Assembly

Following the multiplication of calls for a referendum on 23 October limiting the prerogatives and lifetime of the national constituent assembly to be elected on the same day, the parties