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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Prisoners’ Day

The Prisoners’ Day, on April 17, is no longer a day for Palestinian prisoners alone. It has become an important occasion for the hundreds of thousands of freedom fighters languishing in

Freedom and Justice Party: Czech President Remarks Contradict Reality

The FJP refutes claims against the Muslim Brotherhood made in a recent statement by Czech President Miloš Zeman.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Tenth of Ramadan Anniversary

Marking the 1973 Egyptian victory, on the 10th day of Muslims’ holy month of Ramadan, the Brotherhood affirms that the brave Egyptian army will never support a heinous traitorous coup.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Statement Condemns Iraqi Government Use of Violence

The Muslim Brotherhood strongly supports the Iraqi people's rights and freedoms, and condemns the repressive approach adopted by the Iraqi government towards peaceful demonstrators, killing and injuring many innocent citizens.

Morsi: No Egyptian Interference in Neighboring Countries

President Morsi assures that Egypt does not meddle in its neighbors’ affairs, and that it does respect the choices of other nations in the region.

Osama Yassin Calls for Empowering Youth in Arab Decision-Making

Egyptian Minister of Youth Yassin stresses the importance of young people enjoying their full rights and engaging in political life in Arab World countries.

Worldwide Campaign by Egyptian Expats to Support Economy Finds Support in the Gulf

As Egypt’s Prime Minister Hisham Qandil assures pound will recover in the next few weeks, a pro-Egypt online campaign comes to the rescue, urging Egyptians and Arab citizens at large

From Bad Cop to Good Cop: The Challenge of Security Sector Reform in Egypt

After decades of abuse under the old regime, how can the civilian government of President Mohamed Morsi turn Egypt’s security apparatus into one befitting a new democracy? What are the

Erian: Arabs and Muslims Can Contribute to Achieving World Peace

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party deputy chief Erian urges Palestinians to unite and end all internal strife, affirming that the Muslim and Arab world can contribute a great deal in

Economy Expert: Qatari Grant Speeds Recovery of National Economy

After meeting with Egypt’s President Morsi in Cairo on Saturday, Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani announces a deposit of US$2 billion in the country’s Central Bank to bolster