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Political Islam and Democracy, by German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

In an opinion article, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle addresses the role of Islamic political parties in the changes underway in North Africa and the Arab world.

Esposito, Al-Ahram: The Real Questions for Egypt

In an interview with Ezzat Ibrahim, John L. Esposito*, a leading American scholar of Islamic affairs, examines the aftermath of the upheavals of the Arab Spring and the rise of

Full FJP Statement on Cabinet Street Clashes and Power Transfer Initiatives

Today, Egypt is going through historical parliamentary elections, in which the Egyptian people are turning out to partake positively and express their will freely, strongly and persistently, for the first

Ed Husain – “No Need to Fear the Rise of the Brotherhood”

I was in Egypt last week to witness the rise of Islam as a political force in the Arab world’s most populous country. In the past when I visited Cairo

Joining a Dinner in a Muslim Brotherhood Home

If you want to understand the Islamic forces that are gaining strength in Egypt and scaring people here and abroad, let me tell you about my dinner in the home

FJP Program on Tourism and Civil Aviation, 2011

Protect tourist areas in Ancient Egyptian cities, and along the coasts of the Mediterranean and Red seas.

FJP Program on Cultural and Media Leadership, 2011

Culture of a society is based on its moral identity, to which the people belong. Islamic culture is the main factor in shaping the human mind and conscience in Egypt,

FJP 2011 Program on Urban Development

Developing innovative models for the design and construction of low-cost, environment-friendly housing, facilities and utilities which rely on local building materials and new technologies.

Coptic Delegations From Church in Assuit Visit MB in Quseya

On the occasion of the Muslim feast Eid Al-Adha, a delegation from the Evangelical Church in Mier village, Mahraq Monestery and many Copts in Assuit city visited Mahmoud Helmy, member

Commentary: “The Revolution Will Not Be Fetishized”

If the revolutions in the Arab world exposed any one thing, it’s the ease with which social media tools distribute sub-standard levels of commentary on the Middle East to large