Arbitrary Arrest


2 German MPs file complaint against Israel

The human rights activist Norman Peach sided with MPs, belonging to the left, on their filed complaint against "Israel", and included the arbitrary arrest and the attack against civilians, which

Egypt human rights committee demands detainees’ release

Members of the Committee on Human Rights of the People’s Assembly demanded the presence of any representative of the ministry of interior in Parliament to introduce the ministry’s security policy

Egypt: Instability and random arrests on Mohamed’s Island

A random arrest campaign took place on Mohamed’s Island in the Egyptian governorate, Giza. Reports reveal that the number of detainees reached 350, following fierce clashes between citizens and security

News just in: Police arrest MB leaders in surprise raid

Police arrest Muslim Brotherhood leaders Heshmat and Suleiman in escalating vendetta

State Security hauls in 2 MBs, 2 activists and a journalist

Rashid’s Prosecution decided today to detain two Brotherhood members from Alexandria in custody for `5 days on charges of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Human rights has its eye on Egypt ‘s human right violations

In roundups on January 28, February 2, and February 7, security forces arrested at least 31 Brotherhood members.

And the episode of unjust detentions of MB leaders continues, this time in Kafr el-Sheik.

The constitution which prohibits arbitrary arrest and detention once again has been ignored with more unjustified arrests of 10 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Kafr el-Sheik.