Arbitrary Detention


Dozens of Children Tortured in Coup Detention Centers and Juvenile Jailhouses in Alexandria

In Kom El-Deka, Alexandria, 50 children are tortured in detention in so-called juvenile "care homes", then dispatched to a notoriously harsh juvenile prison in Cairo.

Rights Groups challenge Egypt’s 30 year Emergency Law

Egypt's emergency law has been imposed for nearly three decades by President Mubarak following his coming into power after President Sadat's assassination in 1981

Blocking An Egyptian Blog On An Emirati Host The Blog Advocates For Reform And Slams

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said today that pursuing callers of change and democratic reform did not include arbitrary detention , but also reached their sites and blogs

Maqdesi: Israel’s violations against Palestinians in J’lem ongoing

Al-Maqdesi for society development (MSD) foundation said in its weekly report that Israel is still persistent in its violations against the Palestinian citizens in occupied Jerusalem, especially the demolition of

Mizan center calls on UN to end Israel’s crimes of torture in Palestine

Al-Mizan center for human rights on Friday appealed to the UN to activate its convention against torture and put an end to Israel's crimes of torture in the occupied Palestinian

State security assault peaceful protests hauling in 50 activists

Downtown Cairo witnessed developed tensions between Egyptian State security and political activists.

Broken arm sees protest put down by Egypt police

The Egyptian government was in no mood to deal with protesters. On the second anniversary of the April 6, 2008, protests, downtown Cairo was packed with uniformed and plainclothes security

State Security intensify raids arresting a total of 58 MB members at dawn

The raging wave of arrests continues with yet another series of pre-dawn raids on MB houses.

Egypt: Women fall victim to the unending cycle of arrests and torture.

The cycle of human rights violations and torture continues in Egypt 's detention centers this time with the arrest of 4 women on October 28, 2009 from the same family.

Menya: Renewed detentions for Brotherhoods members

Prosecutors in North Menya extended detentions to 7 members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were arrested two weeks ago.