Hundreds of Women Killed and Injured in Mansoura Pro-Democracy ‘Break the Coup’ Mass Rally

A most heinous bloodbath yet again perpetrated by old-regime hired thugs in which hundreds of women peacefully marching in Mansoura streets are attacked, killed and injured.

Pro-Democracy, Anti-Coup Alliance Calls For ‘Break the Coup’ Demonstrations Friday July 19

As a coalition of pro-legitimacy, pro-Morsi parties, groups and movements calls a huge protest rally on Friday, Brotherhood spokesman urges commitment to civilized behavior and peacefulness.

Muslim Brotherhood – Coup Commander Negotiation News Utter Lies, Baseless Rumors

Ahmed Aref, Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman, denies a media claim of secret negotiations with the putschist generals and their civilian cronies.

Muslim Brotherhood, FJP: Premeditated Massive Extermination of Peaceful Protesters

Wholesale senseless slaughter by police and army forces of unarmed protesters praying outside the republican guard HQ kill and wound over a thousand pro-Morsi demonstrators at dawn Monday.

Muslim Brotherhood: No Decision Regarding June 30 Yet

As opposition parties gear up for an illegitimate attempt to oust the democratically elected President, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood hopes June 30 protest events will be peaceful.

Muslim Brotherhood: Elite Want to Maintain Monopoly on Egypt’s Culture Voice

Fought fiercely by old-guard holdovers, Egypt’s new Minister of Culture exposes more corruption as he persistently pushes for even more urgent reforms.

Muslim Brotherhood: Official and Popular Diplomacy Will Resolve Any Water Crisis

After decades of neglect by successive governments, Egypt’s African relations need to be deepened and boosted for mutual benefits, especially as water crises loom for several countries.

Muslim Brotherhood Delegation to Visit Media Institutions, Highlight Official Discourse

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood tasks a team of its media professionals to visit various print and broadcast media establishments to boost relations and shed light on facts related to the group’s

Muslim Brotherhood Seeks Sensible Judiciary Law, Coordination with All Patriotic Parties

Egypt Brotherhood press release reaffirms fair demands of Friday’s demonstration outside Cairo’s High Court.