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MB Confirms Will Not Participate in May 27, Protest

Observing calls for a second revolutionary march on May 27, the Muslim Brotherhood is viewing with great concern the events.

Interim Constitution declares Egypt a democratic state

Egypt’s military rulers issued today an interim constitution expected to regulate the country’s political transitional period.

77.2% vote Yes in favour of referendum

The head of the Supreme Judiciary Committee which supervised the vote announced the referendum results which Egyptians participated in making it the first time in Egypt’s history the foregone conclusion

MB Students Launch YES Campaign in Alexandria University

Alexandria’s University launched a campaign titled “Yes” calling people to participate in the referendum of the constitutional amendments scheduled for Saturday March 19.

Egypt in the Cusp of Change

Egypt's popular revolution is about to meet yet another challenge with the referendum over the constitutional amendments just days away.The remnants of the National Democratic Party (NDP) supports the amendments

Egypt Recalled to Political Life

Egypt is coming back to political life as the changes ushered in by the January 25th Revolution begin to take form.

16,000 Judges to oversee constitutional referendum

Approximately 16,000 members from different judicial authorities are expected to supervise the referendum on constitutional amendments, according to Mohamed Atia, head of the supreme judicial committee appointed to oversee the

Egypt’s panel proposes constitution amendments

A committee formed by Egypt’s military rulers who took power from former president Mubarak following his ouster earlier this month met with the military council to look into the proposed

Ikhwanweb Highlights New Proposed Constitutional Amendments

The Constitutional Amendment Committee met Tuesday with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and handed over a report on proposed amendments to the Constitution on parliamentary and presidential elections

Ketatni: Freedom and Justice Ungoverned by MB’s Executive Bureau

Dr. Saad Ketatni, member of the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive Bureau, said: The Muslim Brotherhood's political party 'Freedom and Justice' would be completely independent, not binding on the MB's Executive Bureau.