Article 76


Committee to Amend the Constitution to Announce Agreed Amendments

Egypt's constitutional amendment committee said today that it has almost completed its task to amend a number of controversial articles in the country's Constitution, official MENA news agency reported.

MB: The system’s constitutional flaws must be effectively removed to ensure successful process

Lawyer Sobhi Saleh chosen on the 10-man committee to propose amendments to the constitution stated progress reports would be issued late Sunday to highlight the planned changes.

MB will apply to become party when time is right

The Muslim Brotherhood’s media spokesman Dr. Essam El Erian has stated that steady and gradual reform must begin now, and it must begin on the terms that have been called

MB’s insight and calls for preliminary steps during upcoming period

In light of the current situation and the progressive incidents the Muslim Brotherhood release this press statement relaying their hopes and offering their insights for the upcoming period.

Speaking out for justice and human rights: Exclusive Interview by Dr. Ashraf Abdelghaffer .

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is one of the largest banned political opposition groups that has significant support from the masses. Ideologically diverse, the Brotherhood calls for dialogue and cooperation,

MB calls for changes to prevent another Tunisia

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the aging President Mubarak ruling for over 30 years to dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections.

MB’s Statement on Tunisia’s Uprising and the Demands of the Egyptian People

A recent statement by the Muslim Brotherhood has asserted that the group believes immediate reform is necessary if Egypt is not to follow suit in Tunisia's historical uprising witnessed worldwide.

Alliance for AEA, Europeans Demand to Change Article 76 and to Nominate a Single Candidate

Peaceful democratic transition in Egypt, the presidential elections and the unity of opposition forces were among issues discussed at a conference devoted to it and organized recently in the Egyptian

Mideast politics: Egypt on the brink

The king is old and sick, perhaps dying. The queen is said to want their second son as successor. But the old guard in the military and intelligence circles think

Activist abducted while collecting signatures for reform

State security forces abducted, activist Abdullah al-Saadawi, from the Imbaba district in Cairo while he was collecting signatures during door knocking in support of the chartered seven demands for reform.