Minister of Culture: We Support Cultural Revolution, All Arts and Creativity

Egypt’s new Culture Minister rejects intellectual terrorism and moral assassination; and supports a cultural revolution that provides all forms of art and creativity.

Egypt Arts Academy Bans Film Suspected as Brotherhood Production

In an absurd act of blatant discrimination, the Academy of Arts prevents showing of a movie perceived as a ‘Brotherhood production’ in any movie theater in Egypt.

Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Censorship on Creativity, Has Clear Vision on Art and Politics

Heated confrontation at Dar El-Hilal (publishing house) symposium on Culture and Art in Muslim Brotherhood Thought, as Islamist and leftist intellectuals debate the Brotherhood’s cultural vision.

Dr. Khattab: Brotherhood’s Badie Art Statements Bode Well

Muslim Brotherhood is a real boon for Egyptian Cinema Revival, with refined, inspired and innovative productions that elevate and empower, rather than degrade and debase.

Egypt: Ramadan Television and the Muslim Brotherhood

Are they insane to let Eyad Nassar plays Hassan El Banna's role in a series attacking Al-Ikhwan? Is the one responsible for the casting a member of Al-Ikhwan himself? Now

IkhwanWeb publishes a script of Hasan al Banna movie publishes movie script of "Hasan al Banna and An Unfinished Journey"