Canadians Face Two Months of Incarceration in Israel Without Trial

Yesterday, Freedom Waves to Gaza activists detained in Israel – including Canadians David Heap and Ehab Lotayef – came before a judge and were told they could be held in

Jewish Boat to Gaza boarded by Israeli forces and taken toward Ashdod port

The Irene, a boat carrying nine passengers and aid for Gaza's population has been taken over by the Israeli navy and denied access to Gaza.

Israeli navy storms ship Irene, takes it to Ashdod port

Israeli marines on Tuesday boarded and took control of the Gaza-bound aid ship "Irene", operated by Jewish human rights activists.

Israel’s secret police exposed

The arrest by Israel’s internal security service, the Shin Bet, of an Israeli Jew accused of killing at least four Palestinians has thrown a rare light on the secret police,

Israeli navy on high alert to storm approaching Libyan aid ship Amal

The Hebrew radio reported Tuesday morning that the Israeli navy has been put on high alert to storm the Libyan aid ship Amal which resumed sailing on Sunday evening for

You?re talking bollox, Mr Regev

Israel already allows sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza so the flotilla was “an armada of hate and violence", said Israel’s deputy foreign minister.

Israeli gunboats intercept “Rachel Corrie”

Israeli navy gunboats on Saturday intercepted the Irish aid Ship "Rachel Corrie" and ordered it to head to Ashdod port but the captain of the ship refused, saying that his