Ashri: 493 Protesters Arrested Amid Repressive Measures

FJP leading member Ashri condemns Egyptian and international rights groups silence over the flagrant human rights crimes committed daily by the putschist junta against unarmed, peaceful protesters.

FJP’s Ashri: Election and Political Rights Law Must Be Finalized without Further Delay

FJP leader Ashri highlights the importance of finally passing election and political rights laws in order to safeguard Egypt’s march on the long and laborious path of democratic transformation.

FJP’s Ashri: Shura Council Enjoys Immunity Under New National Charter

FJP assures that Egypt’s Constitutional Court cannot repeat the costly act of disbanding parliament by sacking the legislative Shura Council protected by the new Constitution.

Legal Experts: Egyptian Detainees UAE Trial Mockery of Justice

A clearly political trial is set for Egyptians with no proper access to defense lawyers in a hardly-neutral court where verdicts cannot be appealed – a total tour de farce.

FJP Urges Amendment of Elections Law As Suggested by Constitutional Court

Recognizing that there is no time to lose, in order to avoid putting back parliamentary elections, Mukhtar Ashri agrees to amendments suggested by Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court.

Brotherhood and FJP Legal Experts Abdel-Maksoud and Ashri: Muslim Brotherhood 100% Legal

Muslim Brotherhood lawyers affirm the Islamic group’s legal status is beyond doubt, and assure the Brotherhood is ready and willing to conform, if and when legally necessary.

Ashri: We Did Not Propose Demonstration and Protest Law Amendment

Freedom and Justice Party leaders assure commitment to international standards in discussions of any law on citizens’ rights to demonstrate and protest.

Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party Persistently Calls for National Dialogue More Than Three Times

FJP leader Mukhtar Ashri asserts that the party does not have anything to do with the formal complaint against the opposition figures accusing them of an illegitimate plot to overthrow

Freedom and Justice Party: Competing Political Players Must Endeavor to Serve People First

While nearly 7000 supporters of 30 different – mostly leftist – parties attempt another million-man march on Egypt’s Tahrir Square, Freedom and Justice Party leaders affirm they will cooperate with

Ashri: Counter-Revolution Old-Regime Stalwarts Free to Roam Again

Freedom and Justice Party leader Ashri rejects attempts by certain parties to take over Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square, pushing away other protesters and demonstrators, as ousted Mubarak’s men make their