Syria Muslim Brotherhood Rejects Pentagon Arming of YPG Separatist Kurdish Fighters

Following the announcement by the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) of the White House’s approval for arming the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in Syria, we the Muslim Brotherhood

Syria Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Massacres Expose World Complicity in Ongoing Genocide

The Muslim Brotherhood in Syria issues a statement mourning the death of hundreds of people in Aleppo in current 9-day massacre by Russian, Iranian and Assad forces, amid shameful world

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood: Aleppo Burns Amid World Silence, Complicity

A press release from Dr Talaat Fahmi, Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman, on the horrific genocide committed by Assad, Russian and Iranian forces against Syrian people in Aleppo.

Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Press Release: Assad Commits Horrific Massacre in Eastern Ghouta

 Criminal Assad’s brutal regime has committed yet more massacres, killing dozens of innocent Syrians under the nose of the international community that sponsored the supposed peace truce. In the latest

Syrian City Duma Demolished with Iranian, Russian Participation Amid Western Silence

Not for a single day did Assad’s air force stop or pause its bombing of civilians in all parts of Syria – with excessive brutality and in a deliberate indiscriminate

Rights Organization: War Criminal Assad Must Be Referred to International Criminal Court

Human rights center SAWASYA calls on world community, including Arab and Muslim countries, to show solidarity with the Syrian people being devastated by Assad’s bloody violence.

International Union for Muslim Scholars: Stop Assad, Hezbollah Massacres Against Syrians

A statement by the International Union for Muslim Scholars strongly condemns Bashar Al-Assad and Hezbollah militias for violent bloodbath in which hundreds of Syrians are killed and injured every day.

FJP: Both Assad and Israel are Occupiers, US Position Murky, Syrian People Will Triumph

Despite current difficulties, the people of Syria will be victorious and their enemies, inside and outside Syrian borders, will be vanquished.

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Arab and International Action Against Assad Massacres

As Assad forces systematically go through Syrian cities, towns and villages, slaughtering the elderly, women and children in violent and bloody massacres, the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria exhorts Arabs, Muslims