Pro-Democracy Detainees Poisoned in Prison, Handcuffed in Hospital, Begin Hunger Strike

Amid the deafening silence of human rights institutions and activists in Egypt, opponents of the coup detained in Gharbiya Governorate (west of Cairo) suffer intolerable health conditions and violations to

Anti-Coup, Pro-Legitimacy Alliance Confirms ‘Coup is Terrorism’ Week

As the Muslim Brotherhood-led pro-democracy coalition hails the millions of citizens who turned out for “The People Protect the Revolution” Friday, it affirms the start of the “Coup is Terrorism’

Student Unions Conference: Will Talk to World Universities to Expose Military Coup Crimes

Egypt’s student unions hold pro-democracy, anti-coup conference and vow to use all prudent endeavors to expose the repression and crimes of coup masters and collaborators against students.

Brotherhood Million-Man Marches, Community Service Events on January 25 Anniversary

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, plan extensive demonstrations, featuring events and activities dedicated to the service of the people of Egypt, on the revolution’s anniversary.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Assiut Tragic Bus Accident

Even with Egypt’s traditionally poor safety record, today’s tragic train-bus crash is utterly shocking, reminding officials of the need to make vital changes all over the country which have been

Morsi: Corruption Will Never Again Prevail in Egypt

President Mohamed Morsi assures he will uproot every last corrupt official, no matter what his or her position is, so as not to allow corruption to pervade public institutions and

FJP Press Release No. (9) – Sorting Results

The Judiciary Committee supervising elections in the ninth constituency for ‘individual’ candidates in Cairo announced that Omar Ramadan, the Freedom and Justice Party’s candidate for the ‘workers’ seat has won

FJP Press Release No. (10) – Elections 2011, Latest Sorting Results

Sorting results for the first phase of parliamentary elections continued to roll in. Final results revealed victory of Dr. Akram Al Sha’er The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) candidate for

New governors sworn in Saturday

In response to the demands of opposition forces and political activists PM Essam Sharaf removed several governors appointing nine army officers and eight police officers in addition to civilians.

PM appoints 8 new governors including a Copt

Egypt’s new Prime Minister Essam Sharaf has appointed eight new governors including a Copt following numerous protests and public demands in a series of mass protests which began January 25.