Human Rights Groups Hold Gov’t Responsible for Death of Nubian Activist Gamal Sorour

 The first detainee taking part in the hunger strike by so called “al-Dfouf detainees” in Aswan died Saturday evening. Activist Gamal Sorour died inside al-Shallal prison camp in Aswan after

Aswan Muslim Brotherhood: Coup Authorities Lying; Accused is No Brotherhood Member

After ignoring inter-tribal clashes in Aswan until dozens fell dead and injured, coup authorities lay the blame on the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pro-Democracy ‫ National Alliance Calls Upon Aswan Tribe Leaders to Stop Bloodshed

As the famous touristic city of Aswan mourns more deaths from inter-tribal confrontations, Egypt's nationwide anti-coup coalition urges all parties for reconciliation.

Freedom and Justice Party’s Zawbaa Exhorts Aswan Tribe Elders for Calm

While a tribal dispute in Aswan claims the lives of dozens, injuring dozens more, the province's junta-appointed governor says all security forces are busy 'dealing with' Muslim Brotherhood members.

Tourist Trips in Egypt Port-Cities Safaga and Port Said Boosted

Despite anti-government media propaganda that exaggerates Egypt’s security problem, which is limited to approximately 2 square miles in total, tourism is in fact picking up fast.

Strategic Plan to Raise Egyptian Labor-Force Skills

Egypt’s new manpower minister seeks to activate existing partnership contracts to set in motion an all-inclusive training and vocational guidance plan aimed at raising the general standard of Egyptian labor-force

From Cairo to Aswan, Longest Human Chain Supports Morsi for President of Egypt

Supporters of Dr. Mohamed Morsi are to form the longest human chain in the world, from Alexandria to Cairo and then far down to Aswan, a mere 762 kilometers, to

Full Report on Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s Visit to Aswan

Translation of a full report on presidential contender Dr. Morsi’s mass rally held in Aswan on May 5, 2012 as part of his election campaign across Egypt.

30 FJP Candidates Compete in Runoffs Today and Tomorrow

The runoff of the third round of the parliamentary elections will begin Tuesday January 10, 2012. The FJP has 30 candidates running for individual seats.

FJP Rushes with Aid to Collapsing Bridge Victims

Mohamed Abdul Fattah, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), Secretary General in Aswan, stated that the party rushed in with aid to help the ‘Abu Simble Village’ in Nasr Alnouba after