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Egypt’s ElBaradei goes street, Facebook, but will it work?

Mohamed ElBaradei was surrounded by supporters at Hussein mosque in Old Cairo just over one week ago, then on Friday, the former International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) chief took to

Paved With Good Intentions

When Mohamed ElBaradei's flight touched down at Cairo International Airport on Feb. 19, he was greeted by hundreds of supporters waving homemade ELBARADEI FOR PRESIDENT banners.

ElBaradei changing the system?

Mohamed ElBaradei said the former nuclear watchdog chief is stirring the political pot in Cairo amid presidential rumors.

Warm welcome home for ElBaradei

The former UN atomic energy chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, was greeted in Cairo airport last night by hundreds of boisterous supporters who chanted pro-reform slogans and called for him to run

Why We Should Go and Welcome ElBaradei

Dr Elbaradei has suddenly appeared on the political scene in Egypt with his demand for democratic reform, winning the admiration and respect of Egyptians.

Ex-IAEA chief could become Egypt’s leading dissident

Former UN atomic watchdog head Mohamed ElBaradei has been in the firing line of Egypt’s official press since announcing he might run for president and analysts say he may yet

Why ElBaradei’s hopes of run at presidency will stay a pipe dream

FORMER nuclear watchdog Mohamed ElBaradei's bombshell that he is considering running for Egypt's presidency in 2011 will not translate into a competitive election,

Ex-IAEA chief could become Egypt’s leading dissident

Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed ElBaradei’s comments about his candidacy in Egypt’s 2011 presidential elections caused a stirring debate in the country,