Attorney General


PM: People Are First and Foremost Sovereign Quarter

Addressing the nation, Prime Minister Dr. Essam Sharaf asserted that he is doing his utmost to meet the public demands.

MB: Cleansing Egypt of Former Regime’s Remnants Priority

Setting aside ideological differences the Muslim Brotherhood participated with over 30 of Egypt’s political powers in the Tahrir protests on Friday, in a bid to save the revolution.

Fact-Finding Panel: Mubarak Ultimately Responsible for Killing Protesters

Egypt's ousted leader Hosni Mubarak was complicit in shootings of anti-regime protesters as he tried to face down a popular revolt, a member of an official commission said on Tuesday.

Lawyers Freedom Committee calls for separation of imprisoned senior officials

The Freedoms Committee in the Lawyers Syndicate submitted a complaint to Attorney General Abdul Magid Mahmoud, in which it demanded the distribution of symbols of the former regime in different

Egyptian Military Mulls Documents Belonging to Dissolved Security Apparatus

Judge Mohamed Shawky Fathi assigned by the Justice Minister in case of storming the headquarters of the secret police throughout the country, has decided Egypt's military should form a committee

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on officials

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on Ministers, Governors, MB leaders, the Attorney General and Political Opponents.

Sources: Summoning Mubarak, Azmi, Sorour and El-Sherif after Investigations

Councilor Dr. Abdel Megid Mahmoud, the Attorney General, stressed that the prosecution decided to summon the former President Hosny Mubarak and his family, Dr. Fathy Sorour; former chairman of the

New Interior Minister vows SS powers will be limited

The newly appointed Interior Minister Mansour Essawy has confirmed that the ministry will hold any State Security officer who violated the rights of the people accountable.

Egyptian court upholds deposed Mubarak’s asset freeze

Cairo's Appeal Court upheld a decision by prosecutor-general, Abdel-Magid Mahmoud, who had earlier called for the freezing of all the financial assets of the ousted Mubarak and his family the

Former IM pleads not guilty to money laundering charges

Habib Al-Adly Egypt’s former interior minister has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges on Saturday. Al-Adly is the first senior minister of the former ousted Mubarak’s corrupt regime to be