Ayman Nour


Ashri: Once Again Al-Shater is Barred From Exercising His Political Rights

Adopting the approach and practices of Egypt’s repressive, defunct regime, the elections committee has absurdly insisted on its earlier ruling to disqualify Al-Shater, leaving the FJP’s Dr. Morsi to complete

Legal and Human Rights Experts Criticize Al-Shater and Nour Presidential Race Disqualification

Egypt’s legal experts and human rights organizations lend solid support to Al-Shater’s appeal against presidential candidacy disqualification, as they ponder the wisdom of the election council’s latest decision.

Ashri: FJP Will Challenge Al-Shater Disqualification Decision in Few Hours

Based on a military court’s unjust verdict of years past, a post-revolution Egypt’s judicial committee supervising the presidential elections has disqualified the Brotherhood’s candidate Al-Shater.

Democratic Alliance Meeting to Discuss Accelerating Presidential Elections and Response to Cabinet Clashes

The Democratic Alliance for Egypt (DA) led by the Justice and Freedom Party (JFP) is in a meeting convened now at the FJP's headquarters, in Manyal, to discuss ways to

Political Parties and Presidential Candidates Reject Selmi Initiatives

The constitutional initiatives proposed by Dr. Ali Selmi, Deputy Prime Minister of Egypt, on establishing so called basic principles for drafting the Egyptian Constitution,

FJP Criticises Call For Presidential Candidates to Hold Debate in Washington

The Secretary General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Dr. Saad Katatny, criticized news that presidential hopefuls including Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, Amr Mousa, Dr. Abdel Monem Abul Fotouh, Hamdeen

Ghad Party Urges SCAF Not to Apply New Emergency Law

Ghad Party leader, Dr. Ayman Nour described violence in downtown Cairo between Copts and security officers as dangerous and unacceptable.

AlGhad Party Leader: MB Sacrificed the Most to Bring about Reform

In a seminar held in Banha governorate, Dr Ayman Nour, founder of Al-Ghad Party and possible candidate for the presidency elections, warned of granting amnesty to the ousted President Mubarak,

The Struggle for Middle East Democracy

It always seemed as if Arab countries were ‘on the brink.’ It turns out that they were. And those who assured us that Arab autocracies would last for decades, if

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on officials

Sources Confirm Former IM Adly Directly Listened in on Ministers, Governors, MB leaders, the Attorney General and Political Opponents.