Azhar University


Human Rights Groups, Public Figures Demand Immediate Release of Political Prisoner Somaya

 The undersigned human rights organizations and public figures hereby condemn the arbitrary arrest and enforced disappearance of Al-Azhar Chemistry graduate Somaya Maher Hazema. She disappeared since October 17, 2017 and

Names of 16 Dakahlia Citizens Taken by Junta Forces in Egypt in Just Two Days

Activists on social networking websites documented the forced disappearance of 16 citizens from Egypt’s Dakahlia Province after ferocious junta security raids, on September 16 and 17. Those ‘disappeared’ citizens are:

Police Repression, Brutal Manhandling of Female Azhar University Students Raise Sharp Criticism

Images posted in social networking websites of female students crying out for help as they are violently dragged by several male security officers incur many strong reactions from students throughout

Freedom Seekers Monitor: Military Junta Expels 503 University Students

Based on no academic grounds, the expulsion of hundreds of university students across Egypt is a loathsome part of military junta repression of the honorable people.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Egyptian Women Suffer Inhuman Coup Crimes

As mothers, sisters, wives or daughters, women reside in the gentler, more tender part of our hearts and our lives, and are loved, respected and protected.

Message from Prisoners of Wadi Natrun Jail about their Total Food Strike

Political prisoners and peaceful protesters detained in the notorious Wadi Natrun junta jail, to the north of Cairo, sent an open letter to all Egyptians.

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Freedom for Egyptian Students’ Million-Man March Tuesday

Egypt’s coalition of parties, groups and movements defending constitutional and electoral legitimacy calls on all citizens to join 'Freedom for Egyptian Students' mass rally Tuesday, November 12.

FJP: Dismissal of Azhar University President Good Start Point for Purging Inefficient Officials

Prompt action by Azhar top bosses in response to food-poisoning scandal is evidence that postrevolution Egypt will not tolerate corruption, negligence or inefficiency.

Brotherhood Students Revere Al-Azhar Institution

Muslim Brotherhood students urge hostile media to stop fabricating fumbled fables against them, and assure that they hold Azhar in the highest respects as Sunni Muslims’ most venerable seat of

Brotherhood and FJP Demand Action Against Contaminated Food Crisis Corruption

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing, the FJP, seek to eradicate the deep state corruption behind the food-poisoning outbreak that struck down over 500 Al-Azhar University students.