Muslim Brotherhood Slams Security Sweep, arrests of Uighur Muslim Students in Azhar University

The military junta’s coup forces in Egypt recently launched a racist security crackdown on Uighur Muslim students of Al-Azhar University. News and scenes of those students handcuffed and detained to

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Renowned Scholar Mohamed Al-Rawi

 The Muslim Brotherhood mourns the great scholar Sheikh Mohamed Al-Rawi, who passed away at dawn on Friday, at the age of 89 years. His funeral was held in Al-Azhar mosque

Mohamed Beltagy Steadfast Against Relentless Junta Vengeance Campaign

Egyptian political opposition leader Beltagy, 52, is a senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood who has been dealt several absurd and ludicrous sentences by the military junta's lopsided justice.

Press Release: Egyptian Revolutionary Council Underlines Unity in All Liberty Squares

Maha Azzam, Head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, exhorts all patriotic citizens and anti-coup political groups to close ranks and unite in the face of the fascist junta.

British Muslims Denounce Mufti Shawki Allam’s Visit to UK

British Muslims denounced in a statement Egypt's Mufti Shawki Allam's participation in UKIP event in Westminster for his active rule crushing peaceful dissent in Egypt by coup regime, and his

PRESS RELEASE: High Court Order Opens Door for Potential Prosecution of Egyptian Cabinet Members

The Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to an Order, sealed at the High Court in London on 26 November 2014, making the potential for prosecution of members of the Egyptian

Pro-Democracy Alliance Presser on Situation in Egypt on Eve of Huge Revolutionary Protest Week

A press release by the wide-based coalition of anti-coup groups and politicians warns army and police forces against using violence or spilling more blood.

Statement by Beltagy’s Family Criticizes Fact-Finding Committee Report

The family of Asmaa Beltagy, killed in Rabaa massacre by coup security forces, issues a statement denouncing false report of the junta's fact-finding

Azhar University Student Union Head Baqri: Junta Fears Revolution-Generation Students

Ahmed Baqri, head of Al-Azhar University Student Union, issues a presser denouncing military junta escalating campaign of violence and atrocities against anti-coup students.

FJP Statement On Egypt’s United Nations Universal Periodic Review

Freedom and Justice Party and the Muslim Brotherhood issued a statement on the upcoming review by United Nations Human Rights Council of Egypt's records, called Universal Periodic Review, on November