Azuli Prison


Syria Muslim Brotherhood Vows Victory Despite Long Suffering

Aggressors, in every time and place, share the same criminal strategy, in which they violate human values ​​and the rights of peoples to freedom and dignity, repeatedly attacking sanctities and

Muslim Brotherhood Denounces Repeated Zionist Attacks on Aqsa Mosque, Worshipers

Blatant attacks by dozens of Zionist-occupation forces and activists against Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian Murabitoun worshipers are most heinous crimes in which Arab rulers are complicit by failing to protect

Interior Ministry Militias Murder Freedom and Justice Young Leader After Arrest

Another heinous extrajudicial killing shocks Egyptians as coup regime security forces shoot dead a young FJP leader three days after arresting him.

Freedom and Justice Party Submits Egypt Human Rights Crisis Report to United Nations

In a press conference held today in Geneva, the FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, urged the UN to take a more active role in reversing the tide of repression

Revolutionary Council Youth: Death Sentences Will Not Intimidate Us

As an Egyptian court upholds execution of 9 young opponents of the coup regime, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council's youth vow victory for the Revolution and retribution for all oppressed Egyptians.

Sinai Armed Group Confirms Muslim Brotherhood Innocence of Violent Operations

An ISIS-affiliated armed group condemns Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood for taking the democratic transformation path, exonerating the Brotherhood.

Joint Press Release by Human Rights Organizations on International Day of Enforced Disappearances

On the International day of enforced disappearances, NGOs including Human Rights Monitor and International Association of Rights and Freedoms denounce world community silence toward the heinous crime of enforced disappearance

Death Chambers, Azuli Prison

From enforced disappearance, through brutal torture and inhuman atrocities, to extrajudicial executions, Azuli Prison detainees suffer the full force of military junta injustice and systematic oppression.