Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Receives French Ambassador

Seeking to deepen and extend relations between France and Egypt, the French Ambassador visits Brotherhood leader Badie at the group’s headquarters in Cairo.

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Congratulates Pope Francis on Election As Catholic Church Leader

Brotherhood Chairman Badie sends letter of congratulations to newly-elected Pope Francis who has been chosen leader of Catholic Church.

MB Chairman: Egyptians Will Not Surrender Revolution to Hijackers

Speaking in Wady Notron, Beheira the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that remnants from the old regime are intent on sowing chaos and hijacking the revolution.

MB Chairman Urges Egyptians to Unite Behind SCAF

“Freedom comes at a cost”, it was on this note that Dr. Mohamed Badie the Muslim Brotherhood chairman spoke on Tuesday to a crowd of over 30,000 in Sharqeya, reminding

MB’s First Women Conference Kicks Off

Speaking at the inauguration of the the first women conference, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badei commended women’s role during the January 25th revolution.

MB Chairman Names Official Spokesmen

A statement by the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie confirms that the following are the group’s official spokesmen.

MB Chairman: All Are Obliged to Protect the Revolution

Addressing an audience in the 6th of October district, Muslim Brotherhood chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, described the significance of protecting the revolution’s achievements.

MB Chairman Reiterates Calls to Rekindle Revolution’s Tolerant Spirit

Reiterating calls to revive the spirit present in Tahrir Square during the Revolution Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke to crowds in Sohag.

MB Chairman Offers Condolences to Palestinians

Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie offered condolences to the Muslim world in general and the Palestinians in particular following the death of Sheik Mohamed Hassan Shamaa.

MB Chairman Congratulates Newly Formed Freedom and Justic Party (FJP)

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie expressed his pleasure with the acceptance of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party.