MB Chairman Denies Any Deals With SCAF

The Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has denied an alleged deal between the Islamic opposition group and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) has been made.

MB Chairman: Egypt’s January 25 Revolution Spirit Must be Revived

Dr. Mohamed Badie Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt 's best organized political force, called on the people to revive the spirit present during the January 25 Revolution.

MB Warns against Counter Revolution and Amnesty

The Muslim Brotherhood's Tuesday seminars held in governorates nationwide urged Egyptians to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to pervert it for their own

MB Chairman: We Reject Attempts to Steal the Revolution

MB chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, stressed that the Egyptian revolution was a blessing from Allah. He pointed out that the night Mubarak was ousted from power was the anniversary of

MB Chairman Meets Sudanese Delegation

Talks kicked off in a meeting between a Sudanese delegation including the Sudanese President’s adviser Dr. Mustafa Osman Ismail, and Ambassador to Egypt Abdel Rahman Ser al-Khetm at the Muslim

MB Chairman: Egypt Will Protect its Revolution

Describing the revolution in Egypt as an inspiration to everyone fighting against oppression across the world Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood highlighted that we must benefit from

MB Chairman Welcomed by Crowds in Lebanon

Following the Friday prayers chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie spoke to a massive crowd in the Lebanon city of Tripoli.

MB Chairman Meets with Lebanon’s PM Designate ; Offers Condolences

A delegation from the Muslim Brotherhood led by Chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie met with Lebanese Prime Minister designate Nageeb Mikati on Thursday.

MB Chairman Warns of Being Drawn into Counter-Revolutionary

Chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie addressed crowds in the Mansoura stadium urging them to protect the revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak from those who might try to

Mainstream MB’s Insist on Moderation

In collaboration between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ministry of Endowment efforts are currently under way to form a committee to visit mosques and speak to the people in Egypt