MB Shura Council Meeting in Its Second Day

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Historic Shura Council Conference in Cairo is in its second day. MB chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie inaugurated the two day conference which began Friday.

MB chairman welcomes Palestinian reconciliation

Welcoming the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and Fatah Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood stressed it was high time the Palestinian division end in order to maintain the

MB Chairman: The Revolution and Challenges of Advancement and Production

Addressing the Muslim Brotherhood members chairman for the group Dr. Mohamed Badie stated that it was necessary to create a new social, economic and political realm based on the initiatives

MB Chairman: We Seek to Participate, not Dominate Elections

“Participation not domination”, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie addressed a crowd in Damanhur reassuring the people that the MB group was from the people ,with the people

MB chairman mourns Nasserist Party Leader

Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Mohamed Badie offers his condolences to the Egyptian people in general and the Nasserist Party in particular following the death of its party leader.

MB Chairman Calls on Unity for Egypt’s Renaissance

This week’s messageby Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on calling on all Egyptians, men, women, adults, and youths from all religions and creedsto celebrate its potential.

MB Chairman: Oppression and Tyranny no longer tolerated in Egypt

“Oppression and tyranny no longer have a presence in Egypt following the fall of Mubarak's regime”, Dr. Mohamed Badie told female Brotherhood students at Beni Suef, south of Cairo, on

MB Chairman: Freedom Means Responsibility

In his weekly message the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on the meaning of freedom and how to support, respect and protect it.

MB chairman launches initiative to engage in dialogue with Coptic youth

Following an amiable phone call between Pope Shenouda and the Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie where he thanked him for his telegraph Badie launched an initiative to engage in

MB: We Are with the People’s Will Regardless of the Referendum’s Outcome

Media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood Dr. Essam El-Erian has affirmed that the Egyptian people have the right to freely take their decision and the MB is committed to respect